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Theta Phi Facts

Theta Phi Alpha was founded in 1912 at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She has provided her members with scholastic opportunities, a supportive family, and a platform for personal development for over 100 years. In that time over 100 active chapters of Theta Phi have spanned the nation each bringing more women into the everlasting bonds of sisterhood. 


The Gamma Chi Chapter was founded in 2012. 

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Our sisterhood was founded by the following ten women: Dorothy Caughey Phalan, Katrina Caughey Ward, Mildred Connely, Selma Gilday, Otilia Leuchtweis O'Hara, Amelia McSweeney, Camilla Ryan Sutherland, Helen Ryan Quinlan, May C. Ryan, and Eva Stroh Bauer Everson.



The white rose was adopted as the official flower of Theta Phi upon our founding in 1912. The white rose was chosen for its purity and beauty. 



The badge is a gold letter "Theta" set with pearls, superimposed upon plain gold letters "Phi" and "Alpha." The badge of Theta Phi Alpha is worn only by initiated members and is at once a means of identification and a source of pride to the wearer. The Fraternity badge is to be worn over the heart.



The penguin was officially adopted as the Theta Phi Alpha mascot in 1987. The penguin was chosen because, like our sisters, they are always dressed for a party. 



The coat of arms is a crest formally described as follows: azure, a bend, between a double cross-crosslet fitchy degreed, and a Tudor rose or latter seeded sable. Mantling (a cloak-like arch), azure doubled over an esquire's helmet, the crest, an open book argent, edged, with two fleur-de-lis azure. Theta Phi Alpha is inscribed in Greek on the bottom. 




The compass was adopted as the official symbol of Theta Phi Alpha upon its founding in 1912. The compass personifies our dedication to following a morally sound path through life. 




Royal blue, silver, and gold were chosen as the fraternity's colors in 1912. Blue was because it symbolizes the everlasting friendships between members. Gold and silver were chosen to exemplify the faith that sisters have in each other.

The pearl and the sapphire are the jewels of Theta Phi Alpha. The sapphire symbolizes the loyalty between the bonds sisters and the pearl was chosen for its purity. 



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