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Our two national philanthropies are The House that Theta Phi Alpha Built and the Glenmary Home Missioners.


Part of our responsibility as sisters of Theta Phi Alpha is to make a commitment to caring and supporting those who are in need. The overarching goal for The House That Theta Phi Alpha Built is to improve the lives of the homeless in any way; this philanthropic cause allows us to extend our efforts to the Hoboken community. The Glenmary Home Missioners provide aid to the rural areas of the United States, primarily in the states along the Appalachian mountain range. Glenmary provides food, water, clothing, as well as medical treatment to those who are in need. In addition to this, The Glenmary Home Missioners sponsor a summer camp, Camp Friendship, that allows children in those areas to have an all inclusive summer camp experience for two weeks free of cost. Sisters from chapters all over the country volunteer at the camp to make the children's experience the best that it can be.


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